Онлайн турнир Алексея Широва 25.06.2020

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Алексей Широв приглашает Псковичей принять участие в онлайн-турнире с гроссмейстерским составом.

3+2 на

продолжительность - 210 мин

ссылка на турнир -

ссылка на личесс - ... BEIoA3EP2gg2c8qxPpoMAIoW35sHco

ВЗНОС- 10 ЕВРО, Призовой фонд 500 ЕВРО.

Желающим принять участие - пишите в л/с, помогу с оплатой взноса.

Alexei Shirov

It's my pleasure to announce my online blitz tournament (3+2) that will take place on lichess on 25th of June at 18.00 Latvian time. I am organizing it together with Riga Chess Federation (don't mix up with Latvian chess federation, please!) It's aimed to gather chess lovers of all continents, all ages and all playing levels.
The event will take place on lichess in Arena format (no berserk or streaks) but the score will be defined by performance based on real blitz ratings. The registration link - (password I will give in private correspondence) and here you can also see the list on chess-results with real names - .
The length of the event is 210 minutes (3,5 hours) Those aiming for prize money can not be absent more than 10% of time (21 minute, children under14 can be absent 30 minutes)
Entry fee is 10 Euros payable to Riga Chess Federation at the account nr. LV55UNLA0050018224318 , BIC UNLALV2X
If by paypal then 11 Euros or 12,5 USD at
Grandmasters are not exempt from paying entry fee however we have several personally invited GMs (6 at the moment) to make the tournament more interesting. With Arena format almost everyone gets a chance to play a legendary grandmaster or a strong master.
The minimal prize fund is 500 Euros, the exact distribution will be announced before the tournament in the tournament chat. Awards will be for best players in overall standings and also different age and rating categories. The prize fund will increase in case of many participants.
The organizers and arbiters take our own anticheating measures, the cases of suspisious play would be resolved by the tournament committee that includes myself and several IA. The tournament will be monitored by our IT specialists, the reports to lichess are possible but we hope we will not need to make them!
For the participation please, contact me here or by whatsapp +37128345011 or chief arbiter IA Alberts Cimins by email
Let's build up a great tournament together!
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